22 YouTube SEO promotion technique to improve YouTube Video ranking in 2018

22 YouTube SEO Techniques for Video Promotion in 2018

If you want to improve your YouTube’s SEO positioning, then we will show you the main factors that are taken into account to position a video on this platform.

Positioning SEO on YouTube

Content in video format has become a key element in any online video marketing and communication strategy. The demand for this type of content has not stopped growing in recent years. Getting success on YouTube isn’t all about posting content, it’s also about optimizing your content — just like your website.

Although in recent months Facebook has experienced great growth, YouTube is still the leader as a platform for viewing videos. Let’s see some figures:

  • YouTube is the third most visited website in the world. More than one billion unique users visit YouTube every month.
  • Its search engine is the second most used in the world, only surpassed by Google.
  • Every minute, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.
  • 4 billion videos are viewed every day.

That is why getting our videos to be displayed in the top positions of the results of the YouTube search engine with a certain keyword, can generate a large volume of traffic to our channel and a large number of views of our content.

In addition, the best positioned videos are also shown in Google results, both on their home page and in the videos tab. Google owns YouTube and in 70% of its search results it shows some YouTube video .

To improve SEO positioning on YouTube or simply try to position our videos we must take into account these 15 YouTube SEO – Factors:

1. The selection of keywords

As in SEO for Web, the first step should be to select those keywords for which we want to position ourselves. This means conducting a keyword research to find out what our audience is interested in and how they talk and feel about it online.

For brainstorming YouTube keywords research, we can simply go to YouTube and start typing a keyword in the search box. As we type, we will get popular searches suggested to us by YouTube Suggest, which is the autocomplete feature built into the search box on YouTube.

For our keywords research, we can also get help from the following tools:

  • The Adwords keyword planner
  • The Adwords display network planner
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Tool for YouTube
  • Google keyword suggest tool

2. The analysis of the competition

It is very interesting to analyze the videos that are better positioned for the keywords that interest us. We must pay attention to elements such as title, description and category. It is also very interesting to see which keywords are using tags or tags in the field. This information is not shown to the user who visits the video, it can only be seen from the edition of it. However, there are browser extensions that show us this information, such as Heartbeat.

3. The Video Title

It is one of the most important factors. Video title is the name of your video by which anyone can get a brief idea what should be inside it.  Having title which perfectly match to your video content will be very friendly to viewer and also to the YouTube algorithm for SEO.

It must be attractive and describe the content of the video in a few words and must include the main keyword for which we want to position ourselves. The keyword is desirable to appear at the beginning of the title or as far as to the left as possible.

With the help of YouTube auto complete feature, we can easily get an idea what people are searching for. So that, we can easily optimize our video title accordingly.

YouTube SEO

Now use these Keywords research tips to create a beautiful and attractive video title.

4. The Video Description

In this section we have to explain in the most detailed way possible what our video is about, by including the keywords in our video description. The first 2-3 (140-160 characters) lines are especially important, since they appear in the snippet in Google results. We can use the YouTube auto complete features to find the keywords to include in our description. In addition, .try to include the long tail keywords in description as they are most likely to make your video rank higher in the search result.

YouTube Title Description and Tags

5. Labels for your Videos

Within the basic information of our video, in addition to the title and description, we can provide labels, which are the keywords for which we want our video to be identified. It is very important to analyze with the Heartbeat extension. The tags that are using the videos that occupy the top 5 positions in the YouTube search engine for a specific keyword. Since they are the ones that we will be using in our videos.

6. Select appropriate Video Category

We must select the category that best suits the content of our video. We recommend analyzing the category of the videos that are best positioned for a given keyword to make your video appear on the top results.

7. The name of the file

As it happens with the images when we do SEO in a Web, it is convenient that the name of the video file that we upload to YouTube is descriptive and contains at least the main keyword, separating with “-” the different terms . Do not use names like video1.mpg or random_name.avi. Renaming video before uploading will tells the search engine that what can be inside your video.

Since the search engine cannot look inside the video content, this the file name which tells search algorithm that what your video is about. Changing the file name will help search engine to index video and increase the chance to be on the top results of YouTube search.

8. Subtitles/Closed Caption for YouTube Videos

While it may be somewhat more laborious, transcribing our video and creating subtitles will help us position ourselves better. YouTube will be able to better understand its contents and this content can also be indexed by the Google search engine, so it is important to add the subtitles to the video.

YouTube Closed Caption (CC)

The feature can be enabled by toggling the option. Closed Captions are crawable by search engine bots, which surely gives our videos better SEO results.

9. The Thumbnail Image

Image thumbnail has a huge impact on your YouTube SEO strategy. A good thumbnail image means more clicks, which eventually turns out in better SEO ranking. If we manage to stand out from the rest of the videos, ours will receive more clicks and improve its positioning.

YouTube Thumbnail

Most of the people use to watch video by just looking at the thumbnail images.

The image that we select as a thumbnail of our video will affect the CTR (Click Through Rate) of it.

10. Comments and Likes

The more “comments” and “like” we receive for our video, the more chances we have to appear in the top positions for a video search. To improve this information we suggest embedding the video on the website, as this will have a greater diffusion. We can know the social metrics of the video with the Heartbeat browser extension.

To increase Likes and comment to the video, always ask the viewers for a like and comment on the videos. The content for which can be “If you like this video the hit the like button at the bottom and if you have any suggest or improvement, then do let us know in the comment section down below”.

Asking for comment and likes in your videos is your right, because you did work for it. Right…?

11. Channel configuration

We must take care of the configuration of our channel both at the level of image and content. For this we recommend choosing a good channel name, fill in the description, upload a header image, etc. It is also very positive to link YouTube channel with Google+.

12. The number of subscribers

The number of subscribers of our channel is another factor that is taken into account so that our videos reach better positions. The more subscribers we have, the more audience and views we are able to collect.

Always try to collect more and more subscriber for YouTube channel, by asking viewers to subscribe our channel. Liking or commenting on a video is a one-time activity, but subscribing means that people liked our content and want to see our content on a regular basis.

13. External links

It is advisable to get external links to the channel, either through direct links from other websites or by embedding the videos in portals. Getting external links or inbound channel links basically tell YouTube that you’re an authority in your niche.

14. Embedding your video

Embedding your video makes it visible to many people. We can embed our video anywhere, but we recommend blog posts. By embedding it will increase the user engagement on the video.

Embedding YouTube Video

15. Increase watch time

Watch time is the time, people spend on actually watching our videos. The more people spend time on watching our videos the more we are likely to be on the top of the search result.

YouTube Video Duration

There are several ways to increase our watch time on YouTube, which we discussed in next few points.

16. Review our watch time report :

Analyze your video performance, pull out watch time report, which helps you see how many minutes people are spending on your videos.

To see the report, go to your channel icon >> click on Creator Studio >> navigate to Analytics > Watch time.

YouTube Watch time report

17. Increase your video length :

If you are making a video of about 2-3 minutes, the you should probably need to increase your video length.

According to analytics and YouTube trends, the average video length should be 4 minutes and 20 second to make it more visible and that will definitely going to increase the watch time on your YouTube channel. Videos that are near to this time length tend to perform better and have a higher chance of ranking in Google searches.

18. If content is King, then consistency is the queen.

We can achieve a great place in YouTube community, if we have a great and unique content. On the other hand, we’re looking to build a subscriber base and form long-term relationships with viewers and that is only possible with consistency.

Remember, producing quality content and publishing it on a regular is the only way to achieve great subscribers. If we are irregular with our content then it might result in lost subscribers.

If we decided to post a video on daily bases then no matter what we have to post it, if it’s on weekly bases at Friday 9:00 PM then, it should go live on that particular day and time. Never skip a week or post a late videos.

19. The number of views

Although it may seem obvious, YouTube takes into account the number of views of the videos when positioning them. If a video have more than one million views within several hours, it can be visible in the trending section of the YouTube. As we all know, getting more views is the main motive of a YouTuber. Right…?

20. Call to Action

At the end of your video, give your viewers a one click option to subscribe your channel and tell them why they should subscribe. At the end of the videos, gives a neat little outro like “If you like this video and found its tips helpful, subscribe!”. You can even use an arrow pointing to the subscription button, just in case viewers didn’t get it.

YouTube channel Subscribe button

Getting tons of subscribers will surely let google know, why your videos should appear on the top result.

21. Creating Playlist

Creating playlist is the most underrated tools on YouTube. Building keyword rich Playlist for our video on YouTube can strengthen our SEO and help us get more search traffic.

Using a Playlist can improve our view time and retention.

22. Retention of the audience

As with the number of views, YouTube also takes into account this metric, which tells us the percentage of users see our video completely and how many fail to see it before it ends. Our suggestion is, don’t try to extend the video by adding something irrelevant to the content of the video. If we do so, we might lose our valuable subscriber or might lose our views.


This is it! Congratulations! You are all set to increase views and subscribers for you YouTube channel with this comprehensive YouTube SEO Guide. If you haven’t started your YouTube channel for your business or Brand then it is the right time to get started.

Still wondering what things or item are required to make YouTube videos, then click on “Things required to make a You Tube Video”.

If you have any more suggestions to include, please do let me know though our contact form or directly shoot us an email.


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