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Why WordPress is an SEO Friendly Blog Site ?

WordPress.com is arguably the most SEO friendly blog site on the internet. The features that it comes with make it easy for search engines to navigate through the various pages, posts, categories, tags, links and other content in your blog. The easier it is for a search engine to do this, the easier it will be for potential readers find your blog. The basic WordPress blog comes pre-equipped with a variety of handy SEO tools. These include use of .htaccess so that you can create permalinks and customize your website themes among other things. The blog-rolling, pinging and third-party plug-ins are also easy to use and allow you to optimize every aspect of your blog for SEO purposes.

How SEO works ?

The success of any website, commercial or not, is to have a steady stream of organic traffic. In the context of blogs, SEO is about making your blog site visible and accessible to search engines, and thus to internet users so that you can generate this steady stream of organic traffic. If a search engine has a hard time navigating your site, it will not rank it very high on the search engine results page, and thus, your potential readers won’t be able to find you. Good SEO makes it easy for search engines to find and navigate through your site, allowing search engine spiders to move easily from page to page, gathering relevant information for searches. The navigational structure of WordPress blog is perfectly suited for search engines. The navigational links connect categories, archives and other pages on your site together, making it easy for search engines to move from one page to another while gathering data. A search engine gathers data from your site by reading through the text content of a page. But it doesn’t just read the main body of content. It also reads navigational links, link tags, video and image tags, and any other kind of text. WordPress lets you easily write and optimize these, so that even if a page on your blog contains only pictures or video, it can still be “read” and used by search engines. Search engines also rank your site in search results according to how many other sites link to it. Having popular sites and blogs linked to your blog increases your rankings. WordPress features like the blogroll, ping backs and track backs, enable you to easily link to other people.

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