Install WordPress for your website | A quick guide to install wordpress

How to Install WordPress for your website ?

Most people think that creating a website requires a lot of coding languages like css, php, html or java script. But in actuall there is no coding required for creating a wonderful website because of the tools present on the internet today. And one of the tool to create a website is the wordpress. And to install WordPress for your website there is no coding language needed. It’s just the installation of a software from your cPanel account.

These days wordpress installation is a piece of cake. With add on scripts offered by hosting companies like : Fanstastico, softaculous, etc, It hardly take 3-4 minutes to install worpress and start blogging for your website. Today we are going to learn Single click wordpress installation. In this WordPress installation tutorial, our goal is to offer a comprehensive WordPress installation tutorial for beginners and advanced users alike. We will show you how to install WordPress using Fantastico, Softaculous, and SimpleScripts for beginners.

The steps to install wordpress for your website are :

Step 1 : Login to your website cPanel

First login into your website’s control panel (cpanel). This is the cpanel of


Launch wordpress

After login into the cpanel look for the option which says ‘WordPress‘. It’s the software platform of your website. When you find the option of wordpress, simply click on it and it will take you to the softaculous (a popular auto-installer script) software to install the wordpress. Then Simply Click on “Install Now” and fill the necessary information (softaculous is the software provided by the bluehost company, I am not sure about other webhosting provider whether they provide the softaculous for installing WordPress or not, but it’s almost alike with every other web hosting provider, also i am introducing screenshots from my control panel to make it easily understandable) required to launch the website like : website name, tag line etc etc.

Softaculous for wordpress

Step 2 : Fill Out the information for WordPress Installation

Fill out each and every information required :

Softaculous will now ask you where you want to install WordPress. You need to choose http:// or http://www. as a protocol.

If your site has SSL and HTTPS, then you can select https:// or https://www. as protocol.

After that, you need to choose the domain name for which you want to install WordPress. Most users want to install WordPress in their domain’s root directory, like In that case, you need to make sure that the ‘In Directory’ field is blank.
Scroll down a little, and you will see the site settings section.

Under this section, first you need to provide a Title and Description for your WordPress site (That’s going to be your Meta Title and Meta Description). Don’t worry you can easily change them from your WordPress admin area after installation.

Information required to install wordpress

Next, you need to choose an admin username, password, and email address. Softaculous will automatically fill in the information of username and password fields for you. It will use a non-dictionary word for username and a strong password.

You can change them if you want so that they are easy to remember for you. However, we strongly recommend you to always use a strong password.

Make sure that you enter correct email address in the admin email field. This is where WordPress will send notifications and password reset link if you ever forgot your password in the future.
Rest of the options on the screen are optional. You can now click on the install button to run the installer.

Information required to install wordpress

Softaculous will run the installer using the settings you provided. You will see a progress bar with installation status. It will take a couple of minutes, do not close the window until the progress bar reaches 100% otherwise this may affect your WordPress installation.

Softaculous wordpress installation progress status

You will see a success message after the installation is finished. It will also show you a link to your website and another link to your WordPress admin area.

Softaculous successfully installed wordpress for your website

Since we have done an Simple One click wordpress installation, We don’t have to create the Data Base for our website. The Softaculous tool will create a data base and user for the website automatically. You can fine the Data Base for your installed wordpress in public_html library.

The Steps are pretty simple :

In you cPanel go to File Manager>public_html.

This will take you to all the files uploaded while installing the wordpress. You can use free FTP client like FileZilla, to take a look to these files. But to keep this tutorial simple, I will be using Web hosting cPanel.

When the complete wordpress installation is done then simply login into your website’s wordpress account by going on the following link. The link for going on the WordPress account looks like :

(Replace the word yourdomain in the URL with your actual domain name.)

There you can customize your content and add pages and posts to your website and also you can install and customize the theme for your website.

The best part about using the WordPress is, it provide a lot of customized theme which you can upload in simply 2 or 3 steps. If you are not sure on how to install wordpress theme then you can Click here to know more.

Install WordPress Theme

If you are still facing problem on how to setup a wordpress website feel free to send us an email, or reach us out through our contact form.