8 Simple Steps to list your Business on Google My Business (GMB) Listing

How to List your Business on Google My Business (GMB)

Google My business (GMB) provides business owners a free google tool to manage and list on how their business should shows up across the web. Google offers wides variety of other business profiles with various other products like Maps, Google search, Google+ and on mobile devices. GMB shows all the various business offering at one place so that those business owners don’t have to worry about keeping track of all those different accounts on different platforms. Here is the image that show how my Business (Beggar To Rich) looks in the Google searches after getting everything done which are necessary.

Google My Business Listing appearance on Google

Apart from managing your Business Profile on Google, it also offers AdWords Express, Google+ Page, Business Reviews and Insights.

The Business reviews help your business grow, the more positive reviews you get from users around the globe, the better your business performs. You can also use the Adwords express which link you to your Adwords account to create an ad to drive regional traffic to your business listing.

To find out insights on how many people approach towards your listing, you simply have go to the dashboard of your business listing account, there you will find the insight of your Business Profile.

Let’s get started with adding or claiming your business on Google My Business (GMB)

Before you start with the process of listing your business, make sure you search your business on google my business because sometimes the businesses are already present on the GMB but we don’t know. This happens with most of the well known or established businesses. By any chance if your business is already listed on Google My Business directory, then you don’t have to list it again, you’ll just have to claim it. Once you claim it and verify it, you will start getting the insight for that particular business. On the other hand, if your business is not listed then you have to add new business location to GMB.

The steps to add Business to GMB are:

1). Signing into Google account

Go to Google My Business (either type it in Google search or visit directly to http://business.google.com/). This will take you to the page where you need to sign in for listing your Business.Google My Business Sign-in screen


2). Enter Business Name

Once you sign in with the email you want your business to be registered, type in your Business Name and “Click Next”. As in this case i am using my Business Name (Beggar To Rich) to proceed further.

Beggar To Rich Business Name


3). GMB Listing Address

After selecting your established Business Name, you have to type the registered or listed address that you want to use for your Business Listing on Google (This address is visible publicly). Then “Click Next”.

Google My Business Address Tab


4). Related Google My Business Listing to choose from

Once you click next, in the next screen it will show you some related business listed, If you can’t find your business there, the select “Non of these”, and “hit Next”.

Related Google My Business Listing to choose from


5). Add GMB Listing Marker

After that you have to select the location on the maps and use the marker to mark the exact point for your business listing on the maps. On this one you have to be precise because this will help people to get the direction to reach to your address. Once you find that exact point, Add a Marker, and “hit Next”.

GMB Marker


6). Choose appropriate Business Listing Category

Then after select the category that best defines your business and “hit next”.

Business Listing Category


7). Make connections on GMB

Even though this next step is optional, but I strongly recommend to fill out the information. The phone number will help other to get in touch with you or your store or business managers. And the website will help people to get the brief idea about the products and services you are offering them. In case you don’t have a website then you should get one, there are multiple web hosting companies that provides hosting as well as website at affordable prices, few these best company are HostGator, BigRock, IPage, etc. If in case you don’t want to have a website, you can create it on open source platforms like WordPress.com or WordPress.org. After you fill out these information “Click on Next”. To proceed with the example i am moving forward with my website URL (Beggar To Rich).

Make Connections on Google My Business


8). Finish and Verify your Business Listing

Once you fill out all the information, then this is the last step to finish your GMB Listing. Simply click on Finish and then Verify your Business Listing on Google.

Finish and Verify you Google My Business Listing

9). Check your Mail

The Business Listing won’t show up on the Google Searches until it’s not verified. After You Finish these steps, the next step is to verify your Listing to show up on Google searches as well on maps. In this step you just have to fill in your name and “Click on Mail”.


Verify Business Listing via PostCard by Mail


After this you just have to wait 2-3 weeks for the verification code to arrive at your business listing address. Remember you might not receive the PostCard in First (If you did, then it’s Great), you might have to try again after 2 weeks. For my business (Beggar To Rich), I applied three to four time to get the verification codes.

PostCard for Business Listing Verification code


Once you put in your verification code, your business will be online and will be visible to the rest of the word, where people can give your reviews based on the services provided by you or your business outlet.

This is pretty much all the steps required to list business on Google My Business.

Here is the dashboard image of my business (Beggar to rich) before verification.


Google My Business Listing before verification


As you can see in the listing the verification is pending as well as the profile is incomplete.

The first step you probably should take after you visit your dashboard is to complete your business profile. Add a description that best define your Business, Add a Profile photo of your business (The profile photo can be anything like: Business logo, Store phone). And add opening hours to your business so that people will know, when to reach you or your store or your store managers (Business managers). Once your profile is 100% you are good to go.

Here is the dashboard image of my business (Beggar to rich) after verification.

GMB Listing after verification


This is it! These are all the necessary steps required to list your business on Google My Business. To find out, how your business appear on google search results, simply click on “view on search” as shown in the above image, on you can click on “view on maps” to find out it’s appearance on Google Maps.

Bonus tips for your Google My Business Listing:

1). Add New Location

If you are having multiple location for your business, then you can add these location within the same GMB account. You don’t have to create multiple accounts for multiple locations.

There are two ways to add location on same GMB account.

1.1). Add new location from the GMB dashboard

Add new location” option is available on the left hand side of your GMB dashboard. When you click on the add new location, then it will take you to the beginning of the GMB listing where you have to start all over again by typing your Business name and start typing other business details to proceed further.

Add new location to Google My Business

1.2). Add new Business location to GMB from “Manage Location”

The Manage Location option is available on the left hand side of your GMB dashboard.

Manage locations of GMB

When you click on the “Manage Location” option it will take you to the screen where you can see all the location of your business listing present there.

Manage locations of Google My Business Listing

You can add your location by clicking on “Add Location”. When you click on the add location, then it will take you to the beginning of the GMB listing where you have to start all over again by typing your Business name and start typing other business details to proceed further.

Under Google My Business Manage location tab you can edit location, description, opening hour and many more to the locations you want to make changes to.

2.) Users

If you want someone else from your team to take care and look after your business listing, then this option is very helpful to you. Selecting this option will give you permission to add multiple people to the GMB listing. While adding there person, you can even define the job role you want to give to these people.

Add new user to your Google My Business Listing

Note to remember: “Only the people with the role of “owner” have the right to add people to the GMB listing, and share the stats with someone else. Owner can add and remove people from these listing whenever they want.”

This user option is very helpful, if you are a big company and you don’t have the time to check the stats every day. Then you can define the role within your organization to check the listing. And this will help you get the stats whenever you required.

To find out on generating reviews for your business on GMB, click on “How to generate reviews for my business listing on GMB”, or simply click on the click here button.

Get more GMB Reviews

If you have any question or suggestions feel free to shoot an email. If you like this post, please share among your friends to let them know how they can list their business on Google My Business.