Google My Business On-Page strategies | Increase GMB Listing Reviews

Strategy to get GMB (Google My Business) reviews for your Business or Website

As it may sound not so important, but trust me it is the most important step towards your business growth. Getting your business on Google My Business (GMB) will help you out in increasing your chances of showing up on Google local search result, Google Maps, and organic search result in general. Already set-up businesses can claim this free business listing on Google My Business and include information about their company such as: their business address, business phone number, business hours, and types of payment methods accepted by them to make the purchase.

If you haven’t claimed or added your business to Google My Business yet, then I strongly recommend you to first go and add your business to GMB by visiting

If you need any help on adding your business to GMB, then click on How to List your Business on Google My Business (GMB) where I list down the 8 simple step by step process on how to add your business to Google My Business.

The interesting thing with most the business owners are, that they think, now that they have created there business listing on google their work is done. And they forget that they need to optimize their Google My Business page to generate leads and increase their business ROI.

Yes, that is correct, you need to optimize your GMB listing. You may not have realized that, but there are variety of other features provided by google to optimize your business listing on Google My Business.

The other reason “why you should frequently check your business Listing is”:

It make sure that your business listing is accurate and up to date. By doing this one little thing, google will place your business on top over others. Yes, it may not sound real, but this work. I tested it out with my other client.

As per the stats and study, there are about 20% of the customers who actually submitted the reviews for the services taken.

Whether you believe it or not, but online reviews help the business grow and stand out of the crowd. The more the business have the reviews the better it is going to perform on the google search result.

Although online review is not just the part of a conversion process, but it is found that a visitor can actually convert and become a loyal customer for the product or services you are offering.

As much as you want to make your customers happy to get a positive review, but the fact is, you cannot make everyone happy. Whether you want it or not, there is always a chance you will get negative reviews. But the good part is having a few negative reviews sprinkled throughout your business profile can actually help make your business look more “real”.

The study also proves that having few negative reviews on your profile converts better than having no negative reviews.

But the sad thing is, if you are having too much of negative reviews, then it’s a bad thing for your business to grow. Now at this point you might need to change your business strategies towards more customer satisfactory.


Recently someone raise a question to me, and I am sure, many of you guys might be having the same doubt. The question is:

Which Review Websites Have The Most Impact in Search?

To be honest with the answer, the reviews sites vary depends on your business location as well as on the region and location of the person searching for your business. But to give you a brief, there are few which I think you should take into consideration:

  1. Google My Business
  2. Yelp
  3. Facebook Business Page
  4. Better Business Bureau (BBB) [Listing on this website is beneficial if your business is located in United Stated or Canada]
  5. Yellow Pages
  6. Trust Pilot
  7. And the list goes on and on…

There are certain benefits you will get when you list down your business on these websites. When you set up your profile on these website, your business not only shows up on the first page of the google search result but also you will get a nice high quality authority backlink to your website which helps in increasing visitors on your site.

This is pretty much everything you need to know about reviews. So without wasting anymore time, let’s dive, and learn what On-Page SEO strategy we should use to get visitors on our Business Listing and generate more reviews.

On-Page SEO strategy for Google My Business (GMB)

1). Change Business Description:

As it may sound obvious, but most people don’t put their business description when they list their business on Google My Business. The reason could be they forgot to put it on, or maybe they are too lazy to do so.

GMB Business Listing Description

Here is the thing, mentioning a proper business description help customers know what your business is about and what type of services you are offering to them. You may not believe but google do consider the business description to give priority.

What you should cover in Google My Business (GMB) description?

Google provides quite a good space of 750 characters to write your business description. The description should contain:

  1. The business details and services telling what your business is all about and what services you are offering to other people.
  2. Description should contain the main focus keywords on which your business is based upon.
  3. It should contain 2-3 Long Tails keywords as well.

Important tip: The description should be written in such a format that these major areas will get covered up.


2). Add Phone Number and Business Website

Adding Phone Number to Google My Business Listing

You don’t want your business showing up without a phone number. Right…?

This is one of the most important thing that you should be considerate about. As while creating this post and taking out the references or searching over the internet, I found that many of the business are not using their phone number on their business listing.

In some of these business listing the phone numbers are not even working.

If you mention a non-working number on your listing, then you are probably missing out the important leads which can generate millions to your business. And I believe you don’t want to miss out these opportunities. Right…?

So if you have updated the working phone number you must consider doing it right now.

Another important thing to consider is mentioning your website on your business Listing. Mentioning your website URL on your Business Listing generates a trust factor among your customers. It also help them out in check out other services which you are offering through your website.

Adding Website to Google My Business Listing

Mentioning Website URL not only generate trust factor, but you also get a very good, high quality authority backlink for your website. Also this will help you getting more and more number of views to your website and help in improving CTR (Click Through Rate) and time on site.

And as we know in SEO, “More the visitor spend time on your website, more the chances you will have to appear on the first page of Google”.


3). Adding opening hours to your business listing

Again you don’t want your customers you reach out to your when you are not even available. You don’t want to miss out any leads you get for your business ROI.

Adding opening hours to GMB listing

Mentioning business opening hours provides better user experience and help them to reach out at specific time. So that you won’t miss out any leads that you are about to generate for your business growth.

Even if you are providing 24*7 services for the customer, you should mention it on your business website as well as on the GMB Listing.

4). Adding Photos to your business listing

Adding photos to your business listing build trust factor for your business to generate more views on Google. And as we know, if we generate more views, we get more chances to convert visitors into customer for business growth and it also help us get more reviews from potential customers.

GMB Business Listing Photos

If you go in your GMB dashboard > Insight. You will find this screen. And it’s clearly says that, the “Businesses with recent photos typically receive more clicks to their websites”.


How to add Photos to your Google My Business Listing?

Simply go to your GMB Listing dashboard and on the Left Hand side you will find the “Photos” option. Simply click on Photos and it will take you to the screen where you can add photos to your business listing.

Suggestion while adding photos to the Google My Business Listing :

  1. Before adding photos to the listing, rename the photos to more descriptive one and having a keyword in it (If not a keyword then be descriptive). For example if I have to add an interior photo on my business listing, I would rename it to something like: (Inside of best digital marketing company – Beggar To Rich) Or if I have to add a cover photo of my business then it might be something like : (Best digital marketing services – Beggar To Rich).

Ok! You guys might be wondering:

Why rename photos, before uploading to Google My Business listing?

The answer is pretty simple: As Google does not read images, so whatever you image is about it might not get it, but renaming your image will give the Google a direct signal that this particular image is about Digital Marketing or Whatever your business is, which eventually help you out in getting more and more views to your business listing on Google.

  1. Try to include unique photos to the listing (Do not try to include someone else photos). A unique content or unique photos tends to get more and more vies than a copied one.
  2. Try to cover all the photo categories on the GMB listing

Covering all the photo category will boost your chances for appearing on the Google My Business Listing in Google searches (Again please rename your photos before uploading).

  1. Add a descriptive video to your business listing.

Adding a video that best describe your business and the services offered will make your listing appearance skyrocketing. Even for the videos, you still have to rename them before uploading.

In a recent study it is found that the people tends to spend more time on videos then reading about the content. Adding a descriptive video will add a plus point to your business listing.

If more people spend time on your listing, it will directly send the signal to the google that this listing is viewed most.

And guess what would happen: The Google will place your listing on the top results of search engine. And your listing starts appearing for the keywords that you are targeting to increase your business ROI.

5). Create Post for your Business listing

Creating and adding post to your business listing will help you getting more views. This has been tested out by me personally. What I did, I went to my GMB Dashboard > Post (In the left hand side). And created my first post for my business. And within a week I got 50% more views for my business listing.

This really works if you want to increase views and generate leads through your GMB listing.

Suggestion to add Post to GMB listing:

  1. The Post must be descriptive: GMB Post provides a lot of space to write your content, if you type a unique and descriptive content about your service or about any random topic in your niche. There is a good chance you will generate a lot of views from it which you never expected.
  2. If you are posting about the offer or event then you should mention the description in your post so that people won’t miss.
  3. Use keywords in your post to stand out of the crowd, but remember you don’t have to do keyword stuffing, and I never suggest that. You are provided pretty good space make use of that and write a through and descriptive article in your post.
  4. If you have noticed, there is a “Add a button” option is available while adding a post. This add a button option is very much helpful in generating sales, revenue and leads for your business ROI. This button will drive your visitor to a particular location. For inference :
  • If you add sign-up button, you can generate leads for your business.
  • If you add buy button, you can sell your services and products to the visitors which then will be converted to a customer.
  • If you add get offer button, it will take them to the offer page of the coupon page.
  • If you add Learn More button, and add your website URL, it will redirect them to your website generating more and more visitors on your site.
  • If you add Call now button, and give your business phone number you can generate leads through calls.

Note: You have to be consistence with adding the post to your GMB Listing. No doubt adding post will drive visits, but being consistence drive Business growth. And in this competitive world we are trying to get business or industrial growth. Right…?

Also if you are not consistence these posts won’t last for long. At the time of post expiry, you will get the notification form the Google in your inbox stating “Your previous post is about to disappear from your Google listing.” At that time you have to create new post to keep Google My Business Updated.

GMB Post expiry notification

6). GMB Messaging

GMB Listing also offer you the messaging features for better user and customer engagement. The real question is:

How to enable the Google My Business Messaging feature?

To enable the GMB messaging feature you simply visit to your GMB dashboard > Go to Messaging (In the left hand side of the panel).

GMB Listing Messaging feature

Here you simply have to type your Business Listing Phone number and verify it. After the verification is done, you and your customer can engage and discuss the products and services with one another over text messages.

This feature is very helpful for those who are unavailable on the phone call, like business owners or small entrepreneurs.

Enabling Messaging feature will help you out in generating more and more business over text messages. If you see it in other ways, it is also helping you out in generating the list of phone numbers who might be interested in your other products, so that you can pitch them later about your other services offered.


7). Adding GMB website

This is another feature that gets my attention while I was optimizing my Google My Business Listing. And when I checked and tested out this website feature I was shocked to see the result that it generated for a business who don’t have a website to show on the Google.

The website feature is really helpful for those who don’t have any website to show. This feature provides them a platform to create and customize a website with Google My Business account.

To enable this GMB website feature you simply have to go to your GMB dashboard > Click on “Websites” (On the left hand side panel). It will take you to a place where you can customize and create a website for free of cost.

GMB Website feature

Google My Business Website Feature

GMB Listing Website Features:

  1. You can choose the theme that best fits with your niche.
  2. Choose a unique cover photos that best describe your business.
  3. Mention details about your business on the cover page in the header section.
  4. After finishing the header section, it’s time to publish your first post on the GMB website. As mentioned earlier in the above section “what the GMB post requirement should be”. You have to move forward with the same post requirement feature.
  5. Then after, type an about us section, keeping in mind the about us section should provide the information about the company and services offered by the company. It should be beneficial if the about us section will contain the main keyword along with the 2-3 Long Tail keywords. (Note: Please don’t do Keyword stuffing, else it will create a bad impression)
  6. Add Photos to your website after renaming them with the appropriate title.
  7. Check all the contact details before publishing.
  8. If everything is fine and relevant to your business, then simply click on “Publish” to make it appear on the Google.


8). Reply to Reviews

This is the most important thing to keep in consideration after making your business listing live on Google My Business. As, I have seen in many cases that people don’t reply to reviews on Google My Business Listing. Either they are too busy or too lazy to reply to the comments received in on their business listing page or in some extreme case, some business owners don’t care about the reviews they receive on their Business Listing.

If you are less considerate about your GMB reviews, then I strongly recommend you should start considering it now.

Google My Business (GMB) reviews plays a vital role in increasing your business visibility on Google Search Engine. It also help you improve your website SEO. By any change, if you are having keywords in GMB reviews it will boost your Keywords ranking for which you are trying to appear on the top results of Google.

It may not sound important to you but it is very important from Google Point of view.

Below Points will help you understand what effect you will have on your business if you don’t reply to the comment you are receiving.

  1. By not replying to the comment, you are spoiling your company’s reputation.
  2. With no reply to the comments, after a while people will start getting an idea that the business may no longer in service.
  3. No comments activities will reduce the user engagement.
  4. If you won’t reply to the comment, the Google will get an inference that the business might not be active and they are not providing any value to the business listing.

          The adverse effect to that is

  • You start losing your keywords ranking from the Google Search results.
  • Your Business Listing starts disappearing for those keywords it used to appear in the past.

On the other hand, if you reply to the comment that you receive on GMB Listing, you will start getting benefits such as:

  1. Your Company’s reputation increases which is obviously opposite if you are not replying.
  2. Your business remains intact and updated with customer engagement.
  3. It will create a positive image in the eye of users.
  4. You will start getting more and more reviews, as people start to feel like there reviews are beings valued by your company.
  5. Your business listing starts appearing more and more on Google Search Results. The positive effects will be:
  • You starts ranking for the keywords that you are trying to rank for from past couple of months if you add those keywords in your replies.
  • Your business listing gets more and more impression on Google Search Results. And who know your listing or your website might start appearing on the top results of Google Searches.

Conclusion on GMB reviews reply

If you haven’t considered replying to your customer yet, you might want to start now, in other words you should start now. Whether it’s a positive reply or a negative reply. You must reply to each and every comment.

In some cases I have seen, that people only reply to positive replies, they forget about the negative or the bad replies. You should consider replying to those negative replies as well to protect your company’s reputation and brand value.

The best way to reply to such negative comment is:

To type a reply in such a manner that it should look apologetic. And in the same comment you can provide service in less price or provide full refund as soon as possible by driving them to the personal email or at least ask them to visit the store or email you for further discussion. And when they do, you can provide either full refund, or offer service at low price, and when they get hang of the service, pitch them for another service which might interest them.

This is one way to convert a negative replying reviewers to a positive loyal customers for your business.

This is it! This probably everything about the On-Page Google My Business strategies that you should consider to increase your business value and get more reviews to your Google My Business Listing. The above GMB Listing factors will definitely help you get more views on your business listing.

To find out more about generating reviews for your business on GMB via Off-Page, click on “How to generate more reviews for my business listing on GMB (Off-Page)”, or simply click on the click here button.

Get more GMB Reviews

If you have any question or suggestions feel free to shoot an email. If you like this post, please share among your friends to let them know how they can list their business  and get more Google reviews on Google My Business.