10 GMB (Google My Business) promotion technique to get maximum reviews

OFF-Page GMB Promotion techniques to get maximum reviews

In the previous article we learned about how we can generate GMB reviews by just correction our ON-Page GMB factors. If you have’t read the previous article, then i suggest you to head back  by clicking “How we can correct our GMB Listing to get more reviews”.

Now let’s proceed further with the Off-Page Google My Business Listing Strategies that you should be considered to increase your views on Google My Business Listing.

Generating Your Google Review Link

First step towards generating more GMB reviews is that you should consider generating a direct link to your Google My Business review window. Creating such link can be accomplished in a couple of ways.

Follow the instructions below to generate a review link within Google itself:

  1. Visit Google Places API
  2. On that map there, Enter your business name in the “Enter a location” field.
  3. When you start typing your business name, a list appears with bunch of different businesses and addresses. Select your business name from the list that appears.
  4. After selecting your business name and hitting enter key of your keyboard. You will see, your Place ID will appear on the map, beneath your business name.

Google My Business Place ID

Now that you got your Google Place ID, the next steps are way too simple. Take your Place ID and add it after the equal sign in the following URL:


Using the Place ID of Beggar To Rich, here is the example on how you can place your Place ID in the above URL:


When you or anyone click the above link it will take you/your customers to a Google search result page for your business with the review window popped up on the screen, as shown in the image down below.

GMB review popup

To nurture your Review link by making it more user friendly, you can utilizing Google’s URL shortening service. This is generate a short URL for your review link which you can use to track and see how many people have clicked that short URL link, as well as you can see the countries, browsers, and platforms used to click on the URL.

Google URL Shortning Service


Note: Please remember this point we will discuss it in depth as we move forward.


Now without wasting any time let’s move forward for:

The Best ways to get the Google Reviews for your Google My Business Listing

The techniques I am about to discuss with you are my all time favourite techniques which I actually tested out to generate more views for my other clients.

1). Ask for the review

This is a simple technique to personally ask for the reviews from your customers. The customers who are taking the product or services won’t mind giving you a feedback about your product or services offered. You would be surprised by knowing that the companies actually pay other companies to get reviews for their business products in the form of surveys. This simple step will actually help you out in getting tons of reviews for your business.

Note: If your customer is not happy with the services, don’t ask him/her to give you a feedback. If you ask an unhappy customer for a feedback, you might end up getting a bad or negative feedback. Whether you believe it or not, if some of the customers are unhappy, then most of them will surely post a negative review on your business listing, whether you ask them for a review or not. As I explain earlier in the previous article about the adverse effect of negative reviews on your business and How to convert a negative review into a positive one. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend to scroll up and read it.


2).Generating quality backlinks for your Google My Business Listing

Getting high ranking in Google Places comes down to generating best high quality backlinks. If your business is generating Backlinks on local citation websites listed on the internet you are sending Google a positive signal that this particular business is important.

And by this simple local citation activity guess what would happen?

You start ranking higher in the Google search result for your business listing as your business name, address and phone number (NAP) is cited or listed many times on the internet on different websites.

The easiest way to get listed or cited is to find and submit your business on local business directories. For example :- If you are having a business in digital marketing and your business is located in New York, then in the Google searches you can search for the term

“digital marketing company in new york” + “business directories”

Or in general term the text would be “Keyword” + “Search term”

The search term can be: Business Directories, Local Citation, Guest Posting or anything you are looking for.

3). Educate your customers

This is very common and general issue that in most of the cases customers don’t even know, how to leave a review and in some cases they don’t know where to leave a review. To overcome this factor, you can have a printout available at your front desk or at the reception. You can even consider of creating a page or blog post on your website with instructions on how to leave a Google review.

If you apply this technique to your business, you will soon start getting the result with increased reviews for your business.

4). Embed Google Maps

Embedding your Google Place listing on your website is a good way to let Google become more certain about your location at that particular address. Embedding your Google My Business (GMB) listing will also help your customer search for the “Direction on the Google maps”.

Embedding your Business listing on your contact us page is a simple step:

Go to maps.google.com and search for your business name there. For reference I am searching my Business Name (Beggar To Rich).

Business Listing on Google Maps

When you find your business Listing then click on share. You will get two option.

  • Send a link: If you want to share the location with your friends, family member or colleague then you can send that link to them via Facebook messenger, Text message, whatsapp or by any other mean. Or if you want to tweet it you can do that as well.
  • Embed a map: Clicking on this option will provide you the iframe HTML code just like this one:


<iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3502.006276633046!2d77.04130431428385!3d28.629573982419007!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x390d059424153101%3A0x5a69b02b87aa938b!2sBeggar+To+Rich!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sin!4v1534524242686″ width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Copy that iframe code and pate it into your contact us page on your website. The map will start appearing just like the example down below:

Embed Map Listing on Contact us page

5). Use Schema

Schema code is the structured data format, which tells google crawlers what your website is all about and where to find your business details, such as:

  • Business Phone number
  • Business Address
  • Social Media Profile

And many other useful information which you want to display in the local knowledge graph and in rich snippet about your website.


A simple example of schema for your website is:

<script type=”application/ld+json”>


“@context” : “http://schema.org”,

“@type” : “Organization”,

“name” : “Beggar To Rich”,

“url” : “https://www.beggartorich.com”,

“sameAs” : [“https://www.facebook.com/beggartorich/”,”https://twitter.com/BeggarToRich”,”https://in.linkedin.com/company/beggartorich”,”https://plus.google.com/u/0/114922621801119392357″],

“logo”: “http://www.beggartorich.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/cropped-Beggartorich-logo.png”,

“legalName” : “Beggar To Rich”,

“potentialAction”: {

“@type”: “SearchAction”,

“target”: “http://www.beggartorich.com/”,

“query-input”: “required name=search_term_string”



{ “@type”: “PostalAddress”, “addressCountry”: “India”, “addressLocality”: “Uttam Nagar”, “addressRegion”: “Delhi”, “postalCode”: “110059”, “streetAddress”: “Please type your street address” }


“contactPoint” : [

{ “@type” : “ContactPoint”, “telephone” : “(+91)xxx-xxx-xxxx”, “contactType” : “Customer Service”, “areaServed” : “IN” }





Note: Please use your information here, I left the street area and phone number blank (Please fill that according to your preferences)


To test your schema code, to find out if its working perfectly fine, then use Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Test Schema code with structured data testing tool

Here you can simply type the schema code you prepared and then click on “Run Test”. It will show you the error if there are any found, else it will show you the tested result. Here is the screen shot of the following tested result for the above code.

Google Structured Data Testing Result

If you want to test the code by yourself just copy and paste the code in Google Structures Data Testing Tool.


6). Simplify the process

What I mean by simplifying the process is that, you should make your review process easy for your customer. If a customer have to visit multiple pages to reviews for the services they are using, then they might not give you a feedback. Instead of making a lengthy process you can keep thing simple for them.

For example: On your website’s “contact us page” after embedding your Google Place listing. You can simply mention a tab stating “Click Here for Feedback/Review” and on that tab you can give the link for the review which we created before starting OFF-Page GMB listing strategies.

Get more GMB Reviews

7). Take help of Social Media

Using Social Media account for generating reviews is a good and useful strategy and that still works and will always work for any type of business regardless of niche. Posting comment on social media and asking your customer for giving feedback or reviews is a good and fast way to generate more GMB views and getting listed on the top result of Google Searches.


8). Make use of Email and SMS services

For this strategy to apply, you have to be more interactive with your customers. You can apply an exit intent pop on the screen to generate leads by capturing emails and phone number on your website. Using those emails you can generate an email asking for a review for the services used with a direct review link and send it to your happy customers.

For SMS (If you remember a point where we shorten the URL) you can create a text message for customers, and send it to them asking for the review for the services used. For text messages you can use the free services like way2sms.com where you can send text messages in bulk, without paying. I have been using this service for years now.

There are many email service provides as well as SMS service provides available. You can sign up with anyone whom you found more productive for your business.


9). Email Signature

Adding a simple call to action button such as “Have feedback? Leave us a review on Google” in you default email signature can generate a decent number of reviews for your business listing. Adding a review link in your email signature might be the easiest way to get a boost in your GMB reviews. Think in that way, if you are sending 100 email in a day with the review link in your email signature and getting at least one or two reviews from those email, then you are through. You might not see the result the very next day but after a while, may be one or two months later you will see a huge change in your keywords as well as in GMB listing.


10). Offer Incentives

Offering a coupon or discount for a review can help you in getting more and more reviews for your business. Although you should keep it in mind, that this is against the review policy to solicit reviews, so make sure your keep it low and don’t overdo it even if you can.

This is it! These are pretty much all the OFF-Page GMB review techniques that I use for my business and my other clients. Most of these methods work for the other review sites like: Yelp, BBB (If your business is in United States), Trust Pilot, Yahoo, Bing and many more. Go ahead and give these techniques a try and you will soon start generating result for your Google My Business Listing.

To find out on generating reviews for your business on GMB through On-Page GMB factors, click on “How to generate reviews for my business listing on GMB through On-Page”, or simply click on the click here button.

Get more GMB Reviews

If you have any question or suggestions feel free to shoot an email. If you like this post, please share among your friends to let them know how they can list their business on Google My Business.