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Creating Google My Business Ad to Boost your GMB Listing

As we already read about ON-Page GMB Review and OFF-Page GMB review techniques.  in the previous articles. If you haven’t read them yet i recommend you to read them first to properly understand the GMB review methods. Those techniques will help you correct your Google My Business Listing to generate more views and Reviews without paying anything to boost listing on Google My Business ad.

Apart from these OFF-Page  and ON-Page GMB review technique, there is one more way you can generate result for your Business Listing in Google My Business. That method includes financial investment by “Creating an ad” on Google My Business.

Let’s dive into it and check how to create an ad on Google My Business Listing

To start with the GMB adwords, you must first need to login into your GMB account.

On the right hand side you will find an option to “create an ad” for your business on Google My Business. After finding that option, click on it.

Create an Ad option

It will take you to a screen to “get started to create an ad” for your business.

Start GMB advertising in 3 simple steps

Click “CREATE AD”, and then “Pick a goal for your advertisement”.

Pick a goal for your GMB ad

Here there are three type of goals you can choose from.

  1. Call your business
  2. Visit your storefront
  3. Take an action on your website

Creating every goal is almost the same, but there functionality may differ. Let’s see what these goals is all about.

1). Call your business (Phone number is must) :

If you have a business such as: building, property dealing or advertising, which entirely deals over the phone calls, then you can choose this goal to create advertisement for your business listing.

Choosing this goal:

  • You get customers over the phone.
  • Can talk to customers before setting up appointments or bookings.
  • And can track using a forwarding number.

GMB call your business ad

2). Visit your store front (Requires physical location of storefront):

If you have a business such as: Dry Cleaning, Laundry, or any hardware products, for which customers have to visit the store to get things done, then you can choose this goal to create advertisement for your business listing.

Choosing this goal:

  • The customer have to visit the store and you get to interact with the customer to provide them the services they need.
  • For this goal to be applicable you got to have a physical location for your customer to visit the storefront.

GMB view your store front ad

3). Take an action on your website (website is required):

If you have a business website selling products online such as: E-commerce website, service website, or any sort of product website, for which customers have to visit to the website to sign-up for the service or getting there product, then you can choose this goal to create advertisement for your business listing.

Choosing this goal:

  • The customer have to visit the website to get the service.
  • You can track the customers action with this goals whenever they sign-up or make a purchase on your website.

GMB take action on your website ad

After deciding the right goal for your business ad, it’s time to move forward by picking up the goal that best suits your business to drive maximum conversion by clicking “Pick Goal”.

“The steps for all three type of goals until now are same”

For the demonstration purpose I will show you how to set up each goals to drive maximum conversion.

Let start with our first goal type which is “Call your business”.

1). Select the targeted area or region for your business.

There are two ways you can do that:

You can either choose the area near your business or you can choose a targeted city, state, or country for your business to be visible.

Choose the target region for your GMB ad


Choose the target visitors for your GMB ad

In both the cases, when you select the target audience for your business, you will the “Potential audience size”, you can get in those areas for your business listing. After selecting the area or region you can go ahead and select “Next”.

2). Define your product or service:

Clicking “Next” will take you to the “Define your product or service” page of GMB listing. Here you have to select your business category. For “Beggar To Rich” I selected the category as “Create WordPress Blog” as this website is all about WordPress and SEO.

Define your product and services for your GMB ad

Then after type the products and services you want to promote with this ad. You can type all the services that your product is related to. And then click on “Next”.

Define your product and services to create ad for your GMB

3). Create an Ad:

Clicking “Next” will take you to “create an ad” by typing information about your advertisement on google. This option will enable visitors to see what your ad is about.

Suggestions for creating an ad:

  • Choose your keywords wisely
  • Put your main keyword in the Heading 1 (maximum word limit is 30 words)
  • Now put your LSI or second most important keyword in the Heading 2 (maximum word limit is 30 words)
  • The advertising should be appealing and actionable, so that people will click on it.
  • Use your LSI keywords or the most important keywords in the description to let people know more about the services you are offering or the benefits you are offering. Choose your words wisely because the maximum word limit is 80 words.

Create ad for GMB listing

Create Multiple Ad versions:

You can create multiple versions of your ad to cover-up all your search term and make it more visible on the google searches.

Select the template of your advertisement:

After creating the ad you can select the template of your ad and choose the one that looks more appealing and can drive more conversions by clicking “See how your ad will appear”.

Click on your ad go to:

In this option you have to select the website page or the product page where you are selling your products to the customers. By clicking on the link they can visit on that particular page and can sign-up for the product or services you are offering through your ad. After choosing the right web page or domain, click on “Next”.

Click on your ad go to webpage

4). Add images to your ad:

Although this option is optional, but I strongly recommend to add logos images and main images for your listing. Listing with images tend to drive more visitors then listing without images. You can add up to 3 images in both the section.

Add image to your GMB ad

There are two ways to upload an image to the Google My Business listing:

1). Upload it from your computer

Upload GMB image from computer

2). Upload it from the website: As I already have a logo image on my website, so I am going to use this upload from website option.

Upload GMB image from website

After uploading images, this is the final “Image ad preview”.

Image ad preview of GMB

In the ad preview, you can select the format which seems more appealing and can drive more visits for your listing. When you finds it, click on “Done”.

If everything seems fine with respect to images and preview, then click on “Next”.

5). Enter Phone Number:

Here you have to enter your Business Phone number on which you want to receive call from your visitors/customers. Once you enter the phone number, click “Next”.

(Please make sure the number should be working and properly tested, if you are using redirection for phone number.)

Enter Phone number for your Google My Business Listing

6). Set your budget:

Select your budget to start your GMB ad, for starter you can select the small budget and check the conversions from the GMB ads. If you are getting benefits you can change the budget amount and start driving much conversions.

For demonstration I am setting the budget as Rs 100 per day which is nearly equal to $1.6 per day.

Setting up your budget will show you the estimate performance chart, stating the number of views and clicks you are going to get in a month from your GMB ads.

(Set you GMB budget wisely. Don’t rush it)

After setting up your budget click on “Next” to proceed further.

Select your budget to run Google My Business ad

7). Review your Ad setting:

Here you can check and see the ad you have created for your Google My Business listing. You can edit anything here related to your GMB ad like your ad headings or description, phone number, images, budge, locations etc.

Review GMB ad setting

If everything seems perfect, then click on the “Next” to go to the next step.

8). Confirm Payment Info for GMB ad:

This is the final step where you simply have to enter and confirm the payment info for your Google My Business ad  go live and be visible on the Google Search Engine.

Confirm Payment for Google My Business ad

Before proceeding the payment please check your details. Like your name, phone number, billing address and other details.

Payment details for GMB ads

If everything seems perfect then proceed the payment by typing the credit card info to make your Google My Business Listing Live for Visitors.

Credit Card details for Google My Business Ad to go live


Let start with our second goal type which is “Visit your storefront”.

This Goal is similar to the first goal type which is “Call your Business”. The only differences in both the goals are:

  1. Business phone number is necessary in “Call your business” goal on the other hand the address is necessary for “visit your storefront” goal.
  2. In “call your business” goal, the conversion is based on phone calls and in “visit your storefront” goal the conversion is based on customers actually visiting your store after they saw your ads on google search.
  3. In “call your business” you have to explain bout the product and provide services over the phone calls. Where as in “Visit your storefront” the services is provided by interacting the customers face to face.

Examples of “call your business” goals are: Any customer service centre, technical support team, or any online service provider.

Examples of “visit your storefront” goals are: Hardware shops, dry-cleaning and laundry services, laptop selling stores, or any other physical item selling store.

Let start with our third and Final goal type which is “Take an action on website”.

This Goal is similar to the first and second goal type which are “Call your Business” and “visit your storefront”. The only differences in this goal are:

  1. Business website is necessary for the completion of this goal.
  2. The conversion is counted if a visitor visits the website after clicking on the Google My Business advertisement.
  3. To make this goal successful, a landing page is recommended where a visitor can contact you either by phone number or by filling up the details on contact form.
  4. While mentioning the website URL make sure that the page should contain the services you are providing through your website and what are the benefits they are going to get after signing-up.
  5. To make this goal more effective you can even offer some coupons or discount, to lure the customer to purchase the services from you.

Example of “Take action on website” goals are: selling web services on your website, selling online courses on your website, selling some email services or sign-up services on your website, E-commerce websites are the great example of such goal type and many more…


This is it! This is pretty much everything you need to know about Google My Business (GMB) ad. All you have to do is, give a try to these GMB ads and you will start generating the result for your business listing which ultimately help you generate more business and improve ROI. These GMB ads work with every business type to help them grow and build brand value.

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If you have any question or suggestions feel free to shoot an email. If you like this post, please share among your friends to let them know how they can list their business on Google My Business.