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20 Free Marketing Tools for Facebook

What would become of digital marketers without our marketing toolkit? They help us to optimize our routines, they make our work easier and, above all, they allow us to achieve better results.

Today there are free marketing tools for all tastes, so choosing sometimes is not easy. To facilitate this work, here is a selection of the 20 Facebook solutions that have most convinced us in recent years.

Design tools

1) Canva

We love this tool because it is very usable and has many different options. You can choose from a lot of templates and images, both free and paid.

To start using canva, you just have to choose what you want to design and edit it with all kinds of additions, colors and fonts. Includes a specific option to design Facebook headers.

2) Picktochart

Infographics are a content that usually works very well in social networks, and this tool allows you to create yours with little time and effort.

Picktochart is very easy to use and does not require any design knowledge: you just have to choose one of the more than 500 available templates and customize it with the elements you prefer.

3) Visage

A tool designed to create brand content with a uniform style through templates: infographics, ebooks, graphics for social networks, images for blogs, presentations, survey results and more.

Marketing tools for metrics

4) Facebook Page Insights

If you have a Facebook page for your brand, this marketing tool is absolutely essential. Here you can see all the metrics on how your page works day by day and better understand the behavior of your users.

If you still haven’t created a Facebook page for your brand, I strongly recommend you to check out the article on how to create highly optimized Facebook page for your website / brand.

5) Facebook Audience Insights

A great complement to the previous one. This tool gives you essential information to advertise on Facebook, since you can see your audience filtered by interests and cities, their shopping behaviors, their Facebook activity … you will have a lot of information at your fingertips!

6) Social Bakers

With this tool you can analyze your Facebook page in great detail and see all kinds of graphics, for example, the results of your videos and your ads. It is true that you have your paid version, but you can also use the Free Trial version beforehand and if you like to expand to one of the purchase options.

7) Facebook Page Barometer

A great solution to take a quick look at the key statistics of your Facebook page and see how it is compared to the competition. The results are classified according to the size of the pages.

Management tools

8) Hootsuite

One of the big stars when it comes to content programming. Its control panel allows you to see what is happening in several networks at once and program almost any type of publication. In addition, the design in columns is very intuitive and easy to use.

9) FanPage Karma

A super complete tool, especially considering that it is free.

With Fanpage Karma you can not only analyze your profiles and those of the competition, but also manage all your conversations with the clients in a single tool, and even write, plan, and publish posts.

10) Evernote

We would not know how to live without this tool! Evernote is an information manager that is good for everything: sorting notes and resources, creating to-do lists … You can use it as a “content mine” for your Facebook posts, or to coordinate information between different members of your team and devices.


This tool has an ambitious and interesting purpose: to automate your life. Its operation is based on automatic responses to events, for example, “publish on Facebook every time X occurs.”

12) Mailchimp

It is very important that your Facebook marketing is integrated into the rest of your digital strategy. Mailchimp can help you achieve this by integrating your contests on Facebook with your email marketing. In this way, you can expand your database for newsletters with new users interested in your brand.

Content tools

13) Headline Analyzer

If you want to attract the attention of users on Facebook, you have two key elements to highlight in your latest news section: the image and the headline.

Well, this marketing tool helps you get the perfect headline thanks to your notes and recommendations. Do not forget to take a look!

14) Qzzr

The tests are a content much loved by Facebook users and with a great potential for virality, so it makes a lot of sense to incorporate them into your Facebook marketing.

With this tool you can create your own tests to share on different platforms, stimulate interactions and generate traffic to your website.

15) Wideo

This marketing tool consists of a video manager that allows you to create, edit and share simple videos for free. The videos are animated and include images, objects, movements, shapes, text and sound. Ideal if you are thinking of getting started in this type of content, but you still do not have much experience.

16) AgoraPulse – Facebook Page Contests

This tool makes life easier when creating contests on your Facebook page, either through raffles, quizzes or competitions based on photos.

17) Sumome

Another tool designed to integrate different facets of your marketing. Sumome is a free plugin and very easy to install on your website or blog, with which you can encourage users to share your content on social networks.

SEO tools for Facebook

18) Keyword Tool

A free alternative to the famous AdWords keyword planner. You can use the option for browsers to analyze the terms with more searches of your sector and make sure to include them in your Facebook headlines and texts. I recommend this tool very much because I used it for my personal logo design services brand and it’s outcome is fantastic.

19) MOZ – Open Site Explorer

This marketing tool for web pages and Facebook is based on the Off-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that is, on the links that point to your site. You can use it to investigate who has linked you, look for opportunities to get new links and see if there are any that are harming you.

20) Google Trends

This tool is very interesting to detect new opportunities to create content and choose the most appropriate keywords. For example, if you do not know whether to use “online marketing” or “digital marketing” in your Facebook posts, you can see what are the latest trends in Spain and choose the most popular term.



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