How to create Facebook page for your website ? -

How to create Facebook page for your website ?

Now a day, driving visitors on your blog or website or on your official page is a very hectic work. It takes a lot of time to increasing the visitor on your blog or website or on official web page to promote your brand. So I am introducing a quick and a lot easy method to increase the visitor on your blog / website / official page, and that is through the Facebook page. And I am sure everyone in today’s world love to surf on the Facebook.

Creating Facebook page or facebook business page really helps you to increase the visitor on the blog / website / official page, and it is also very simple to maintain and work on.

Here are the steps on how create a Facebook page with a lot of targeted visitors.

Step 1

You need a Facebook account and you must login into it.If you don’t have a facebook account then create one with your email address. And then search for the option of “Create page” in the menu section most (probably on the left side wall) then Click on it.

Create Facebook page

Step 2

Then select the category or niche on which you want to create the page. For demonstration I selected the category as ‘Entertainment‘, but you can select your own niche. And then click on it.

Select Category for Facebook page

Step 3

After that select the sub category and provide the name for your Facebook page. For example : Beggar To Rich, Magazine 2016, Fun club, WordPress tips, Tech support, etc. etc.

Select Sub-category for Facebook page

Step 4

Then set up your page in a correct manner by providing the description (150-170 words) about your page, and provide a website URL (domain name / website name / blog name /official page link) in the URL section. By providing these details you can increase the page ranking of your blog / website / official page. Then click on “Save Info”.

Provide niche info on Facebook page

Step 5

Then upload the image for your Facebook page, the image should be related to your niche.

Upload Facebook page Image

Step 6

Then select the page to add it to the favorites by clicking “New Feeds” and select the “Add to favorites”. And then click “Next”.

Add Facebook page to favorites

Step 7

Then select the targeted audience. This is an important step. You need to select the country and region to promote your page to the targeted people. So that your visitor from that area should increase and you will a good promotion from there. But make sure you select the right area. I believe you should select as many areas as possible to increase your brand.

Then fill the other details like “Age”, “Gender”, “Language” and the “Interest (related to your page)”. Then Click on “Save”. Then you will be ready with your Facebook page.

Fill your Information on Facebook page

Fill your Information on Facebook page

Fill your Information on Facebook page

Step 8

Now, when you are ready with you Facebook page the other things you need to take care are. Add a cover photo to your page.

Post the first content to your page as soon as possible because the first post will help you to increase the visitor on your page.

Add post to your FB Page

Step 9

You can also add event to your page. For example, if you are conducting a seminar you can tell other people by creating an event about it on your Facebook page so that more and more number of people come to attend your seminar.

Add events on your FB Page


The next thing comes is the promotion to your page. That how you can promote your page to get more and more like and views. And how it’s going to increase the views on the blog / website / official page. You can choose the paid promotion available on the FB page or you can share your page among your friends and ask them to share as well to drive more and more visitors.

The another method is using the Facebook group. To know more Click here.

Facebook Group

If you still have problem while creating the facebook page then watch this quick video down below.