How to create Facebook group for your website ? -

How to create Facebook group for your website ?

Besides creating a Facebook page, creating the Facebook groups is also one of the simple method to increase the visitor for your blog / website / official web page. You can create the public group so that later when your group become popular then more and more number of people can join your group. And if the number of people increase in your FB group then you automatically receive more number of views whenever you share any post on the group.

Here are the steps on how to create a Facebook group ?

Step 1

You need a Facebook account and you must login into it. If you don’t have any facebook account then you can create it using your email address. After login into your account search for the option of “Create Group” in the menu section (most probably on the left side wall). Then click on the it.

Create Facebook Group

Step 2

Then type the group name on which you want to create the Group. For demonstration I selected the name as “Promotion 20XX”, but you can select your own niche and create the group accordingly.

  • Then type the following details, like Members name to your group.
  • Add as many members as possible to your group if you are creating a public group. And then add the group to your favorites so that it will be on the top list of your searches.
  • Make your group public by selection that option. By making your group public the other people can also be able to join the group. If the number of people increases to the group, then there is more chances of getting more views for your blog / website / official page.
  • You can select the group as private if you don’t want to share your ideas with the outside world. For example, if you own a company and you only want to share your ideas with the employee of your company then you can also make a private group by selecting the option “Private” and as an admin of the group you can add a limited no of people, or you can add as many number of people as you want.

Fill out details for your FB group

Step 3

Then choose your icon which defines your group. Then click “Ok”.

Choose icon for your FB Group


This is a sample image of the group which we have created so far. Upload the cover image for your group which defines your group best. Then share your ideas with the persons you want to share. The best time to share your ideas is in the morning around 6 o’ clock and in the evening around 7 o’ clock or 8 o’ clock. The reason is being the person is free in the morning and at evening their shift overs and at that time people are more active on Facebook. And the other best time is around the weekends.

Facebook Group

This is all for the group promotion. Start implementing it and if you got any benefits then just let me know in the comment section. Gud luck…

If you still face some problem in creating the Facebook Group the watch this quick video down below.