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Interesting Things about us.

Welcome to BeggarToRich(BTR) – This website is dedicated to the secretes of the WordPress and how you can become your own boss by internet and blogging.

Here, what BeggarToRich stand for :-

  • This site is based on the practical knowledge which I applied for creating my own blog
  • On this site you will get each and every information on creating your own blog/website from beginning.
  • This website provides you sufficient information about the affiliate marketing and how to apply those methods.
  • Later you will also get some video tutorial on the website.
  • Later you will also get some exclusive deals and discount on the website.
  • You will get tips for online income and how to increase your business from that.

I registered BeggarToRich.com on May 9th, 2016 by borrowing credit card from my friend, and as you know it’s not easy to borrow a credit card from a friend, but everyone has such one friend. Right??

I started the blogging for fun and later on it become my passion and now I am starting the online income from this blog and I am going to discuss each and every step on this website.

This website will reveal the secrets of WordPress and the online income and the affiliate marketing income.

If you are a fresher in the blogging line, then this website will be beneficial for you to get a handsome money from the online blog and become your own boss.

BeggarToRich is the online community for those who love to blog and want to become boss of their own work, many people think that blogging is about writing stories on a particular topic. But I strongly suggest that you should blog about the things you love and then you will see the wonders by yourself.

BeggarToRich is an answer to :

  • Online income from your blog.
  • Affiliate marketing and WordPress secrets.
  • Blogging for beginners.
  • How you can become your own boss?

BeggarToRich is not just a website, it’s a hope for the beginners that how they can start blogging and they can become their own boss.

Hello from Beeru Singh (That’s me…)

My name is Beeru Singh, and I started to work on beggartorich.com just for fun. I am a simple guys just like all but filled with dreams. My start-up become passion to work on beggartorich. I was introduced to the blogging and WordPress and the power of internet in February 2012 during a seminar introduced by some IT company. Then I started to work on it and later on I purchased my own individual website. But as a matter of fact I don’t know how I can make it possible to reach a lots of visitors per day. So that’s why my website did not got a chance to stand in the market. Later on I started to learn about the online marketing, about WordPress and affiliate marketing, and how to drive visitors on my own website.

Then I realized the fact that there are so many people around the globe who don’t have anyone to teach them that how they can do it. That’s how the beggartorich.com originated. In this website I will introduce as many screenshot as possible of my work.

As I told you earlier I am just a simple guys filled with dreams and want to show people that how they can become their own boss with less investment.

If I talk about myself, I am an engineer, graduated from DCRUST university and my collage name is DiTM (Delhi Institute of Technology and Management).

 I love adventures and travelling around the world and meeting with different peoples. I love to learn almost everything if some is ready to teach me.

In the end I want to say that, you will find something new each and every day on this website. And all the content I write is based on the practical. If someone has any doubt about any topic then they can ask me in the comment section on each post or pages. Else they can text me on my email id or on my website Facebook page or on my messenger, I would love to answer your quarries regarding that particular topics.

Thank you

With Best Wishes

(Beeru Singh)